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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Its 81 degrees here in Amarillo! How great is that to finally have some warm weather! We took total advantage and after layers of sunscreen were applied we went to the park. We found a nice shaded area and laid out a blanket. Axton played with pine cones, sticks, and grass. Of course he tried to eat everything he could get his hands on. He had a lot of fun, but looked like a grease ball from all the sunscreen :) Then daddy took Axton to swing.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Much Needed Update...

Do you ever get in a blog funk? Well I did...only wanting to get on to read other peoples blog then talk myself out of updating. But I know loved ones watch this to keep up with Mr. Axton so I need to update.
1. About 3 weeks or so ago we went to Dallas for Jacks first birthday. We drove down on Friday.

The party was on Saturday. We went to a park for the celebration, which was a cute baseball theme. Then we went to a Rangers game! It was so much fun and Axton really enjoyed himself. Can you believe I forgot to take picture?! I can, that's like the one thing I always forget.

On Sunday we went to the Aquarium. Axton didn't really care, but if I had to pick a favorite animal it would be the flamingos. I think he liked there bright colors :) Oh and he really enjoyed the fish, because of the action of course!This had to be my favorite you see right there on the right hand side? Its a teeny teeny tiny starfish?! How cute!!!!!Hooray for elevators!
Don't you just love those pictures when your not quiet ready...and they just happen to click in while your in the middle of you end up looking like a goof :)Daddy and baby A when we first got there.Then we ate at Golden Corral with our very own Al-Falfa (sp?)but doesn't he look just so cute with his hair sticking up :)

2. Chris birthday was on the 13th so his mama and Charlie took us and family to Lin's for a birthday lunch.
Barb and Charlie
Chris and his cousins
Mom, myself, and Ax-man (I love his smile in this one!!!!!)Kara (Chris older sister) and John
We had a great time and Chris got alot of wonderful gifts! I know he is very appreciative :)
3. Axton got two new teeth!!! The top 2 :) the one on the right on the 19th then this morning the one on the left came in!! I'm so excited....I was so looking forward to them finally breaking through! I'm going to get a picture eventually, but hes pretty particular about you not putting your hands in his mouth. (unless you offering you finger as something to chew on )
4. Axton has also learned to clap, squint while hes smiling (which is so cheesy and cute that you cant stop laughing), he climbed up stairs at church, and point with one finger at a time.