Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Backpack For a Little Boy

So alot of the kids at church have a cute bag that they bring to the nursery with them....or at least the boys have a boy bag and the girls a girls bag. I always just give them my purse so I thought I would make Ax a backpack he could carry. I I used a dinosaur print and an old shoe laces cut in half as the handles. It took about 35 minutes....quick project!!! It really is a small backpack...hes asleep so well have to wait until tomorrow to see how cute it is on him, but I know it will fit :)It can hold a 8 oz. sippy cup and a diaper....really all he needs! Ill post pictures of him wearing it tomorrow.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Its been forever since I have updated...sorry :( So Axton is now walking. He started about August 1st. Now hes almost got his running down! I love how they use there little flailing arms for balance :) He has a little vocabulary which includes....up, more, mine, blue, ball, outside, hi, hey, bye-bye, fruit, roar, baby, mama, and daddy. We can also ask Ax who is in the mirror and he says me and points to himself. And he knows where noses are on you and himself. He knows where your mouth and ears are but not his yet :) He plays hide and seek with his own little twist....he covers his ears instead of his eyes! Hes so cute. He loves to drive anything with or without wheels and he does it with the vrrroooming noise! He is definatly in a climbing stage anything is free game. He is totally fearless, which is terrifying :)So we play outside with this mat and a bowl full of water...well i guess the mat got boring

My boys eating breakfast together :)
He thinks hes so funny