Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, May 30, 2009

cutie pie....

Axton turns 1 next month!!!!! How did this go by so fast?! I dont think I was ready for that :( but hes healthy and happy and that is all i wanted! he now has 6 teeth...and im pretty sure were working on a molar. everything keeps getting jammed in the back of his mouth :) he can silently snap to! its so cute he just rubs those little fingers together. he has no interest in walking yet... we try to walk him to one another then call thinking maybe he would do it, but he just squats down and crawls right over. it will come sooner than i think, i know...dont push it, it will only get harder once they walk...thats what everyone has told me :) so nature take your course!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Stuff

I dont have any pictures to go with this post which is very disappointing....but ill add some later. Ok so new things that have happened to us :) Axton now has a total of 5 teeth going on 6 it just hasnt broke through yet, but I can see the little white mark! They have come like boom boom boom. Its seems like 3-4 days apart, so thats been loads of fun :) But hes doing well now and just as happy as ever! Axton is also standing up by himself. Hell let go of things stand for a second then slowly lower himself down. So impressive! He is also clapping, waving, and always coming up with new funny faces.

Chris started his new job and were really enjoying the new schedule!

Also my cousin Misty just for engaged! CONGRADULATIONS MINY BEAN!!!! Love yall so so much :)

Off to eat some delicious chicken spaghetti!