Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

daddys toys and holiday clothes...

so we went to pampa to visit chris family for thanksgiving since he has to work on thursday :( but anyway barb (chris mom) pulled out some of his old cars for ax and he LOVED them! it was so cute there were so many he didnt know what to do...but the cutiest thing he lined them all up then scattered them, then would line them back up. OVER AND OVER :) i love him
then tonight i made ax a thanksgiving shirt and a christmas shirt. i got the inspiration from here and here. i love how they turned out! on the cookie one instead of the rick rack i blocked that off so it would look like all pieces were "biten." I cant believe this is the first time i tried freezer stencils. thats probably for the better though or i think everything in our house would get a makeover :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

venturing into a new land....

of potty training! were starting to tomorrow....we have a truck potty and everything :) wish us luck!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not to happy...

So i had some cute ideas for christmas and then i wasnt so pleased with the turn out :( but here they are and ill see how ax reacts tomorrow to see whether they were worth it or not.
here are our spoon puppets....a cool guy, weird girl, clown, tennis player, baldy, and rock star (hes my favorite)

then these are spose to be grover and elmo puppets and they looked like on the blog i saw...but mine not so much. i think i should have used a bigger pom pom for the nose and it would have worked

but this tool belt i am SUPER happy with the out come, almost....i love how it came out but it was alot bigger than i thoght! it went around my waist EASILY but that means more growning room right :) 3 pockets and a loop for the hammer CUTE!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

missed a few days....

because the weather has been so beautiful!!! yay for that :) but im excited because i have come up with majority of ax and his cousin jack christmas gifts! and i can get them all made in about 2 days...awsome! Kerre and Aaron stop reading if you dont want to know what Jack is getting :) but the gifts include....tool belt, art smock, sippy cup leash (really for mommy), wooden spoon puppets, and grover and elmo hand puppets! doesnt that sound fun. im trying to put together the tool belts today right now and then can probably get the rest made tomorrow night. My problem is when i get axton something or when i make him something i want to give it to him right away! Chris is like omg emily im going to make you a box that is just for christmas stuff that is going in the closet so you cant act like a little kid to with presents :) i cant help it i just want to give him everything! my little guy loves to read!!

and here is what happens when you try to entertain a 15 month old in a craft store

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 2 &3

Day 2- New playground
We have gone to southwest park multiple times, but always go to the same small play ground area. but yesterday we decided to try the big play ground in the middle of the park. It was great! It was totally not for Ax's age (more for 3 and up) but Ax liked to run around and play with the steering wheels and music instruments. Chris took him up on the top and let him run around up there. He just loved watching the other kids play more than anything :)

Day 3- Cheerio Necklace with pipe cleaners
I thought beading a bracelet or necklace would be fun. So after our lunch I put some cheerios in front of Ax and showed him how to put them on the pipe cleaner. He just ate all the cereal. I would put them on and he took them off and ate them :) Oh well it was worth a shot.....well try again another day!