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Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Deal.....

Axton is in absolute love with Chris.....every time Chris walks in the room Axtons eyes are fixed on him....when he leaves he looks around in a panic! It so cute :) At first I was so worried that they werent going to make a connection but I guess he was just trying to get settled into the house. Axton always tries to get his attention with sweet coos or a loud scream. Im so happy there best buds :) We took Axton to the pumpkin patch today and got some cute pictures but there on moms digital camera so well have to transfer them so I can share them with you! Baby A is getting so big! We go for our 4 month check up on the 4th....isnt it crazy how time flies?! You know mamas always tell you oh....cherish the moments,its gonna go by so quick. I just figured that started when they got in school and started participating in activities but NO thats not how it works at all! As soon as those suckers pop out they start putting super fast mode on time :( But I'm loving and cherishing every moment :) I love my little family so much!

Here are some cute pictures weve taken over the past few days....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are You Serious.........

Wow ok so the past week or so have been rough with my sweet little baby :) I thought full on fits were not to be thrown till the toddler years!!!! Well I guess Axton decided to give me a little taste of whats to come....he throws fits if.....he cant grab something, he gets mad that his head is to big to lift to crawl, hes mad that mom cant hold him up so he can stand every hour of the day (but my arms are in the best shape of my life :)), and then there is the mad for no reason!!! I'm not sure if hes hurting from this growth spirt he is going through or if the teething?! but I'm unsure of what to do! It insane!!! But he doesn't understand that chewing on things will help his teeth so all I can do is rub his gums which is so annoying to him :( gosh i just needed to vent about the untold ups and downs of motherhood!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Now....

So it seems like late in the evenings I get these urges to clean! Never during the day when it convenient or when I'm energized :) The victim was my kitchen.....I completely emptied the fridge and scrubbed it all down, rearranged cabinets and the counter tops.....phew now I'm tired and have a bigger mess in different there is a pile of trash and a messy floor. You cant win for losing if you get on a random cleaning spree :)

Here are a few fun pictures of Axton that make me smile

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Sleeping Blog....

Here are some more pictures of the places Axton enjoys sleeping :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

WARNING!!! slippery when wet!

Thank You Gift Cards!

Wow! We have had a wonderful day!!!! Filled with excitement, wonderful food, and new toys for baby A. Today we ate frito pie from Dougs BBQ and its to die for :) It has fritos, beans, BBQ sauce, brisket, chili, and cheese YUMMY!!!!
Axton looked very cute in his little puppy outfit equipt with puppy feet! Oh how I wish it was ok for us to dress like this.....sometimes :)

So from here we ran our errands to Target and Babies R Us....I bought theses bottles yesterday that are just like the Soothie binki they give in the hospital thinking this will be great and easy. Well was i wrong. The bottle are horribly shaped and you would have to lay your baby completely flat to get the last once out! Oh i was irritated. Anyways but we returned that and got the vent air Playtex bottles and they are working wonderfully. We also got these wonderful sunshades for Axton :) Chris was like we HAVE to get these.

We also bought a duck bath tub! I saw this when I was doing my baby registry and every time I go to Target I want it so since baby A is finally able to enjoy baths we got it......below is a slide show of our fun bath time :)

Then we went to Babies R Us to buy a bouncer....even though Axton is a little to small for it :) But we made it work :) A pillow in front a blanky in back will hold this boy up! And we put a pillow under his feet so he could jump off something.

Ok now your gonna think I'm crazy....but I think Axton is starting to teeth. I can feel notch type things on his gums that are hard and he will bite our fingers and the bottle nipple....he also tries to stick everything he gets his hands on in his mouth!!! I dunno maybe I'm just making something out of nothing,,,,,but i don't think so!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It has been raining since 2am this morning and hasn't let up one bit! Chris and I have errands we need to run but we don't want to take baby out in this weather :( Hopefully it will let up so we all can get out safely....

Anyways yesterday was our NICU reunion, but we were unable to attend (the weather was nasty yesterday to so I guess it was for the better). I put Axton in the cutest outfit ready to show him off! He didn't mind the outfit....but he did want to see how it tasted :)

Yesterday mom and I also dropped off my quilt so we could get the backing put on it. We have to wait till Christmas though to get it back :( Then we went to babies r us to return some things and to get Axton a new toy. Axton loves to kick and we found the coolest toy in the shape of a piano and when he kicks it it plays music. We also found these adorable hats! We couldn't resist :)

I also made a fabric cover for my iphone.....

Friday, October 3, 2008


I got this picture off my dear friend Kristles blog.....i love love love this picture. Im so glad she got one of him smiling because I can never catch them!


Daddy's finally home.....we missed him very much :)

Wow Axton....

Oh my sweet strong boy......ok the last time we went to the doctor I was like oh Axton did so good with his 5 shots! He barley cried! Well let me tell you this boy got one shot and cried his head off like I just smacked him! I was like what is going on ......but he finally recovered and just grunted at me for like1 10 minutes :) I know he was ok because all those ladies were looking at him and he would grunt then smile through his binky...little ham :) But anyways he got his 4 month shot and weighs 10 lbs. 7 ounces which is less than I though. But I think since his growth is finally evening out I guess it wont be such major gains. I love him to death :)

here is his big boy outfit for the doctor

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was looking through my photos and noticed I have a few fun ways Axton likes to sleep :)