Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back from Angel Fire

Mom, Chris, baby and I all went to Angel Fire Monday-Wednesday (courtesy of mom...THANKS MOM!!!!!!!!) we left Monday morning and were making pretty good timing with baby THEN.....puke puke puke! And I'm not just talking spit up I'm talking a grown mans puke. Poor mom was sitting in the back with Ax and she was like oh hes throwing up....i thought nothing of and took my time taking my ipod off then looked back and was like HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! its was horrible so we spent like 20 minutes or so in the middle of no where on the side of the highway cleaning :( but finally we got there. when axton got into the cabin he went nuts! he said OHHHHHH and crawled like a mad man for like a whole hour! he was super excited to be out of that car! Then after we got settled went paddle boating and made a wonderful porkchop dinner, then chris and i went for a hike. While we were on our hike we ran into a doe. She was so pretty! We were so close to her, I wish i would have at least tried to go touch her but she looked so peaceful. Tuesday Axton turned one!!!!!!! (more on that and a birthday party saturday!) we went to red river. (I saw a bear from a far!) It wasnt what we thought it was going to be and outrageously expensive...but we did get baby some super cute pjs! so i guess it was worth it :) we came back and rested before we went on a hike. it was so pretty! Then we made ribs for dinner, and i think chris inhaled all of them besides the 4 mom and i snatched before he could get his hands on them :) I dont know what im gonna do if axton has half the appetite chris has! We played apples to apples and chris was the champion. Wednesday we woke up bright and early and drove back just in time for chris to go to work :( Poor thing is probably exhausted right now but anyways we had an amazing fast trip and hope to go back soon! Oh and ill post pictures soon to :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a complaining post...

since you so nicely asked to hear me complain :) here it goes....i miss my iphone because the camera was good and since we didnt have a digital one i could capture every cute thing axton did with that....but my new phone sucks the photos come out blurry every time!!!!!! i feel like im going to forget everything or forget when everything happens with baby a because i cant capture it in a picture!!! very frustrated right now :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So packing panic finally hit me...and were going to Angel Fire with mom for a few days and that cuts out packing time so definitely its time to get into the COME ON EMILY mode :) but i did good and packed up 9 boxes today. but let me tell is almost impossible to pack with a one year old!!!! its like he wants to take everything out of the box i just packed or climb in the box. so i found myself making a pile of everything that had to go in the box then hurrying everything in, slap it shut, then slap on some tape. WHEW i think this might take forever :) no well be ok really i have alot of it down now mostly its things we use often. Axton is so cute he has been playing "pretend" alot. He puts in spoon in like our shoe or something and feeds us then we were making like the yum sound and he would make it to after he took a bite! it was so adorable. then he can also point to his and our noses! (when he slows down enough to concentrate :)) but other than that were doing great, the little mans growing like a weed!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New place to live..................

so chris and i finally found a place to live within our budget, that has a washer/dryer and outdoor area! im super excited!!!! we move in on the 30th. which everyone is like omg start packing now its so soon, but my mind i s like you have 21/2 weeks thats plenty of time. well see who is right :) axton birthday is right around the corner AHHHH!still no walking, but he had stood up multiple times on his own and even started walking with the mower toy by himself! (this is impressive because the handle doesnt stay up on its own so you have to hold it up and balance!) so im super proud of him for making progress.... anyways back to the house. its a townhouse duplex. there are 3 sets of 2 duplexes which is so much better than a whole apt. complex....i have to say though that we were so blessed with our apt. it was quiet and more than we could ask for. so its upstairs and down. 21/2 bath 2 bedroom around 1300 sq ft. its so wonderful and especially for the price. we are truly blessed for finding this place. i hope axton adjusts well and doesnt get scared about sleeping in a new home! that is really my main concern. its very hot today so i think axton and i will venture back inside

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water Water Water

So we have turned our child into a water baby.......and it caused him to grow another tooth :) that is a total of 7 now. it came in on the top next to the front two. he looks like a big boy now with his long blonde hair and rows of teeth! and a birthday in 14 days?! im very excited though about the red wagon theme!!!! so we have been playing with water in buckets on the porch.... and swimming. axton loves the water so much! we bought him a floaty thing and he leaned forward and started kicking in it! he even loves it so much he has to play with it inside :) best of sunburn for anyone!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new pics....

Getting a hanger stuck on his head....weve all done it :)

kinda blurry....but the BEST smile ever!!!!

me and mr. right :)