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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

daddys toys and holiday clothes...

so we went to pampa to visit chris family for thanksgiving since he has to work on thursday :( but anyway barb (chris mom) pulled out some of his old cars for ax and he LOVED them! it was so cute there were so many he didnt know what to do...but the cutiest thing he lined them all up then scattered them, then would line them back up. OVER AND OVER :) i love him
then tonight i made ax a thanksgiving shirt and a christmas shirt. i got the inspiration from here and here. i love how they turned out! on the cookie one instead of the rick rack i blocked that off so it would look like all pieces were "biten." I cant believe this is the first time i tried freezer stencils. thats probably for the better though or i think everything in our house would get a makeover :)

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